Basil Seeds have different names. Despite the little difference, they, as one-year-old herbaceous plants, are of affinity, and belong to Labiatae. Just as a green grass can be divided into male, female, large and small kinds, only slight diversity can be shown if the seeds are mixed in water.

In the Compendium of Materia Medica, they are also called “Basil Seeds”. For details, see the Chinese-English version, Good Bros Publishing House. Therefore, for the purpose of distinguishability and separation, the product of this specialty shop is formally named as “Basil Seed”.

This Basil Seeds is high-quality breed, which can be served by using purified water at normal temperature not necessarily using boiled water. After five-minute mixing, it can expand completely. The white gelatinous substance covering the outer layer is natural herbal jelly, which is able to facilitate the gastrointestinal peristalsis and provide much help to the entire digestive system!

The breed Illustration (Prohibition duplication)
In Japanese Medicinal Plant Literature Record, Basil Seeds has another scientific name of “Chiya” (transliteration from Japanese). The text and its translation will be introduced later on.
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