Passing SGS testing and certification, free from poison and reaction of heavy metal in soil.
Subject to strict quality screening, without gravels, dust, twigs and other sundries.
Natural DIY food, which can be added to any drink, and to be stored in a place free from moisture.
No boiling required, convenient, and drinkable by using purified water at room temperature.
For ladies, it can be served together with milk after mixing. It acts as a very easy meal for weight loss, providing a satiating sense.
Having different styles, it can be added into hot coffee after mixing. A quite famous “Worm Coffee” often used in Neiwan Firefly Festival.
Containing rich high-fiber jelly extracted from plants, quite propitious to the digestive system, and free from the anxiety of constipation.
Free from damage to human body caused by preservatives and pigments, DIY completely, hygienic, safe & visible, convenient, economizing, and adding health to all family members.
Basil Seeds is absolutely different from the early breed “Basil” which is susceptible to a pasty state after added to boiled water. Each grain is crystal clear, add with honeymoon and lemon for a superior flavor!
A spoon of such product can be added with 500CC of water. For people without the habit of drinking tea and coffee, the product is the best choice to serve your guests.
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