With the increasing number of aging people, more attention is paid to the methods of keeping health. Balanced diet is important besides regular exercise. Therefore, selection and ingestion of performance drinks and healthy foods are indispensable.
--- Wish all people to be healthy and happy forever.
--- Healthy physique means the fortune.
We will dedicate ourselves to the professional promotion and sale of Basil Seeds. Although it is a traditional product among other new performance drinks, we will never give up the efforts to realize “complete consumer satisfaction”. Bless each website visitor to be healthy, happy and joyful! Thank you!

37Th Qingcheng Brand Industry Show held in Hong Kong Tamar in 2002
2003 Singapore – Taiwan Good Food Culture Exhibition
2004 Exhibition Tour in North, Central, South and East Taiwan.
2005 Xiamen Gift Exhibition, and Macau Non-poison Agriculture Exhibition

37th Qingcheng Brand Industry Show held in Hong Kong Tamar
Coverage related to participation in exhibitions in Macau in 2005
Participation in 2004 Hsinchu Chang-Hua Flower Expo.
Participation in 2005 Xiamen Gift Exhibition.
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