This Taiwanese native dessert has superior taste. Here is a scene occurring in the countryside in 1950s – planting, seedling transplanting, weeding, fertilization, harvesting, mutual help, entertaining friends who are working in the burning sun, substantial “drink of human kindness” or also called “labor drink” ----- Basil!
In 1988, we pick up the memory about the childhood, again renovate, rearrange, pack and promote, enabling the recurrence of the flavors of 1990s and 1950s, and anther time tasting the strong, classical and true human feelings of the elder neighbors.
Among varieties of Basil, we further developed and adopted a new breed in 2001, discarding the black-coffee colored flat seed which takes on a sticky state and may agglomerate. The new pitch-dark breed provides a better texture, which has been registered in the name “Black Galaxy”, having such meaning that it is natural food, valuable and more expensive than gold!
To date, we have full confidence in taking part in overseas exhibition events. In 2001, attended the 24-day Qingcheng Brand Industry Show held in Hong Kong Tamar and formally went onto the international arena. The countdown event was given many good appraisals unexpectedly, arousing curiosity and special interviews from the media and broadcasting stations in Hong Kong. The activity greatly enhances the confidence of our overseas Chinese, and also facilitates series international exhibitions and promotions in Asian regions – Singapore, Japan, Macau and Xiamen.
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